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Hello, and welcome to the newly registered SolitaryAgent.com!

I’ll be slowly adding previously created content to the site, including illustrations, photographs, examples of graphic design work and more. In addition I plan to blog about my work, hobbies, and other interests. So, what sort of things will that include? Well, it’s hard to be comprehensive, but here’s a short list:

º Visual art, from manga and anime influenced illustration to black and white traditional photography and many places in between. I also love to collect, customise and photograph modern Asian ball-jointed dolls.

º Music – almost all kinds! I love both listening to music and performing (currently as a choral singer.)

º Fiction – whether that be reading it, writing it or shopping for it.

º Travel – current plans include a trip to Tokyo, Japan and nearby areas in December of this year, and a road trip to Texas and Louisiana in summer 2012.

Thanks for checking out my site, and I hope you come back and enjoy what you see in the future!

– Agent K


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