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So, What’s Up?

Sorry to anyone who’s come across this site and wondered why there isn’t much content lately. There’s been a lot going on in my personal life that I needn’t go into, but for those who just want a short summary of what I’m doing art-wise:

– I’m still working on the story that I once intended to make into a webcomic, but have decided that it would be better told as a novel. However, I do plan to make illustrations part of it, along with other fun visual aspects like maps and “copies” of handwritten communications by the characters. This is something that may take quite a long time, but I believe it’ll be better for it. It’s set in the late 19th century, so I’m doing a lot of research to make the details as accurate as possible – the characters and plot lines are totally fictional, but real locations and history from around the world will be involved.

– I’ve got a part-time editing gig as part of a localizing team for Digital Manga Publishing’s e-book imprint, Digital Manga Guild.

– In May 2012 I will be attending a first year convention, Ultima Con 2012 with my friend Regina, the supremely kick-ass proprietor of some of Etsy’s coolest shops: Little Cookie & Soapopotamus, among others. I plan to introduce a small, cute-yet-historically-accurate line of Victorian-era props for ball-jointed dolls – toiletries, medicinal items, bottles of booze, little books and maybe more (?) with hand designed labels, branding and packaging. I’ll also be offering handmade jewelry for actual humans, which is rather ironic as I hardly ever wear the stuff myself.

As always, more information to come as it becomes available, and thanks for reading!



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